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Tree Lopping Cairns did an awesome job pruning the tops of these trees so we could enjoy the view. A tree removal was also no dramas for these guys as they removed one from our front yard aswell.
Jade Bryan
Jade Bryan
We used Tree Lopping Cairns to remove this tree from our property. The tree removal process was quick and easy, the communication was great and will be recommending Tree Lopping Cairns to our friends and family, as well as using for any future work!
Sophie Chapman
Sophie Chapman
Very professional company, they helped me with a tree removal for an unsafe tree. They were on time, fast and efficient, highly recommend!
Gregg Owens
Gregg Owens
Excellent service received by these guys. 🌳Our investment property needed to have a large tree removed. The access and timeline to remove the tree was tight, but that was no problems for this professional team! The tree was removed with minimal fuss, and we had the stump removed as well. Now there is a great space on our property that we can use as a barbecue area in the future. Thanks to the team again for working in with us, especially because we were out of town and couldn't be there to directly supervise the job.
Jean Paula Gonzales
Jean Paula Gonzales
Best guys in town if you're looking for someone expert on tree removal. It's best to hire professionals and trusted arborist with enough knowledge when it comes to carrying out tree services. Never hesitated to call them and it was worth of trust. Highly recommended for all your needs on tree service.

Tree Loppers Cairns

We have a skilled team with years of experience in all aspects of arborist services in Cairns.

We are your “one-stop shop” for any size job.  We have access to the best personnel and equipment in the area so you can be assured your project will run as smoothly as possible.

Need several trees pruned to add curb appeal to your home? Want to get a tree removed from your backyard? We can help.

Using our skills and state-of-the-art equipment, we can transform your space into something of tranquil serenity.

Our team takes pride in delivering safe, effective, practical solutions for all your tree service needs. From the type of tree to plant to removing rotting trees that can be a danger to your house, we are highly qualified and experienced.

We are licensed and insured, so you can rest easy knowing that your property and our staff are completely protected.

Check out our range of Arborist Services to find the ideal solution for you:

-Tree Lopping

-Tree Removal

-Tree Pruning

-Stump Removal

-Tree Health Check

-Tree Felling

-Disease Treatment

-Ongoing Maintenance

-Emergency Work

-& More!

We understand the importance of proper tree care and are dedicated to caring for the trees, the environment, and the people around us. Working in the industry for decades has allowed us to develop a keen knowledge of the different species of trees in Cairns.

Our passion for trees and plant life allows us to provide solutions that are not just beneficial for you but will safeguard the integrity of flora and fauna in the surrounding.

Trees have their unique growth patterns, and it is why it is best to hire a professional and trusted arborist with enough knowledge when it comes to carrying out tree services in Cairns.

Tree Care Cairns are your full-service provider for residential and commercial tree services in Cairns who are trained to tackle even the trickiest of jobs.

Our Arborist Services - Tree Loppers Cairns

Trees play an important part in our ecosystems. They add beauty to the community, improve your surroundings, reduce pollution, reduce air temperatures, and increase the value of properties.

There is nothing more relaxing than spending time in a garden with large trees. Many love reading beneath the trees or building tree houses for their kids. We can enjoy the trees most of our lives, but we also need to take care of them.

There is no shame in wanting to prune the tree to improve its appearance and allow little sunshine in. Additionally, there is nothing wrong with removing a tree that might be a hazard to your home and your family.

But the problem arises when you try to take care of the problem by yourself. While you may think that cutting down a few branches by climbing a ladder is not a big deal, you may unknowingly cause harm to the tree or, worse, injure yourself.

We offer the following arborists and tree services to property owners in Cairns.

Tree Lopping Cairns

We offer professional Tree Lopping services to Cairns residents.

Our team of trained and experienced experts can tackle any tree project found in our wonderful region.

Tree Removal Cairns

Need to have a tree removed from your property?  Trust our licensed arborists for tree removal services.

Our team will offer a comprehensive tree removal plan using years of experience and technical expertise.

Tree Pruning Cairns

Tree Pruning is an artform.  Having the knowledge to selectively prune trees so that they flourish draws on much skill.

Our arborists can prune your trees to improve their appearance, maintain their health and enhance the safety of the trees and their surroundings.

Tree Felling Cairns

Unwanted or damaged trees are best removed. Felling trees need a lot of work and planning.

Our professional team comes fully prepared and creates a plan on how to take down the tree and remove all risk factors to avoid accidents.

Stump Removal

When tree stumps take up a lot of usable space in the yard, they are unsafe to sit around.

Whether you wish to clear your project or have stumps left by previous property owners, our team can clear up your yard in no time.

Stump Grinding

Do not worry about renting a stump grinder and doing the dangerous work on your own. Hire our arborists to efficiently, safely, and quickly grind up any tree stump in your yard using heavy-duty equipment.

Cairns Tree Care is your premium choice when you want tree services from a team that cares about you, your property, and your wallet.

Need Tree Services Cairns? Contact Us Today!

Tree Lopping Cairns

Tree Lopping involves cutting down the top of a tree or its branches for various reasons. The method is frowned upon by most arborists and is used loosely for cutting tree branches.

However, we feel that in some situations, tree lopping is necessary. When a tree is pruned or trimmed, sections of its branches are lopped. When a tree is removed from a property, it needs some of its parts to be cut off so it can be felled safely and prevent any damage. Thus, tree lopping is essential to any tree service in Cairns.

Many people try the DIY tree lopping approach, thinking it is quite easy. Tree lopping is a physical job that needs a lot of strength and experience. In addition, improper tree lopping techniques can do more harm to your trees and even make them unhealthy. It can open the tree to decay-causing organisms and cause them to rot from the inside.

Our arborists have extensive experience in lopping, allowing you to save energy, time, and money while ensuring your tree is well cared for.

 We can cut away the dying, dead, or diseased branches to keep your trees healthy and strong. We follow the highest safety standards when lopping the trees and reduce potential disruption to the surroundings.

While other tree service providers use ordinary people for tree lopping services, all our work is performed by experienced arborists. It gives us the capability to handle all tree services needs of our clients and learn more about specific situations and requirements when lopping trees on your property.

Tree lopping is dangerous work and is best carried out by qualified and trained arborists. Our team has not only the skill and knowledge but also the right equipment to allow precise cuts without harming anything in the surroundings. Our arborists undergo extensive training; you can rest assured that your trees are safe with us.

Tree Removal Cairns

While trees are a beautiful feature of any home, every tree on the property can either be an asset or a liability.

When the tree becomes damaged or develops some abnormality, it is best to remove it before it causes any injury to people or your property.

At Cairns Tree Care, we specialise in tree and stump removal in Cairns. Our experts will ensure your property is free of any risk from dangerous trees in your yard.

We use special tools and equipment to ensure the tree is removed carefully without causing any damage to your property or the surroundings. 

Over the years of working in the industry, we have come across many good reasons why people would want to remove trees from their property rather than keep them. Some of these reasons include:

  • The Tree is Dying or is Already Dead – As much as you love a tree in your front or backyard, if it is dead, there is not much you can do about it. Removing a dead tree from your yard is important as it can not just be an eyesore and may become a safety hazard. Just one storm and the tree can be knocked down on your car, your house, or you.
  • The Tree is Dangerous – Another common reason for getting rid of a tree is when they pose a danger to you or any nearby structures and foundations of houses or even garages. When trees grow too large, bad storms can easily topple them without warning, or the roots may damage the foundation of your house. Thus, dangerous trees need to be removed at the earliest to avoid accidents or further damage.
  • The tree is Severely Damaged – Many times, even healthy trees need to be removed from your yard if they have been damaged for some reason. For instance, when a tree is hit by lightning or has been impacted by stormy weather, it needs to be removed. You need to have the tree assessed to see if the tree can be saved or not.
  • The tree is Infested with Pests – One major reason you need tree removal services is if it is infected with a fatal disease. Most of the time, the signs that a tree is sick are not always obvious. Thus, by the time you do notice, it is already too late. When a tree has gotten to that point, removing it would be the best decision. Otherwise, a diseased tree can spread the disease to other healthy trees and kill them too.
  • Obstructing Path of Construction – Maybe you are planning to extend your home to accommodate a new addition to your family. But there are trees in your yard that are in your way. You can decide which trees you would like to save and the ones that are too deep in your construction path.

No matter what the reason you may need tree removal Cairns services, our team has the knowledge and the expertise to remove the tree safely.

Our arborists will assess your trees before removing them. The reports we create will help apply for tree removal permits if it is needed in your location.

Tree Pruning Cairns

Part of owning a home is caring for and properly maintaining your property.

Our licensed and professional arborists at Cairns Tree Care strive to offer the best tree-pruning services possible.

Our team offers services for trees ranging from small to large, from small cacti to palm trees.

As licensed, insured, and trained arborists, we give our customers peace of mind by knowing their trees are well cared for.

Some of the reasons why you should prune your trees:

  • Promote Growth – Tree pruning promotes the growth of your trees. Removing the damaged or struggling branches will dedicate nutrients and water to other parts of the tree. Careful pruning can push the regrowth of the branches that strengthen their structure and roots. Trees with stronger roots have higher chances of holding up against harsh winters and strong winds.
  • Treat Diseases – Trees can contract diseases that can make them sick just like humans and quickly spread if left untreated. These diseases can disfigure the vegetation in your yard and sometimes even kill your tree entirely. Pruning help remove the infected part of the tree and prevent the disease from spreading to other parts of the tree and trees in your yard.
  • Encourage Fruit Production – Dead branches attract insect infestations and diseases. It is bad news for you if your tree bears fruit, as a sick tree will not bear fruits. Pruning can help eliminate the tree’s dead parts so it can start producing fruits again. A healthy tree means more fruits!
  • Remove Damaged/Hazardous Branches – Large trees with dead branches can be dangerous for numerous reasons. The branches can break off during a severe storm and damage homes, break windows and even cause bodily injuries. If these branches are close to power lines, they can become entangled in them and cause serious accidents. Pruning help prevents such safety hazards by keeping your tree healthy.
  • Aesthetic Purpose – Pruning help give proper shape to your trees, so they fit in perfectly with your landscape. Removing the dead spots and shaping the three where they are growing unevenly can allow you to make them the centrepiece of your landscaping design.

Tree Felling Cairns

Tree felling involves the efficient removal of a tree for various reasons – it is damaged, diseased, overgrown, or unwanted.

While we always prefer that you keep your trees healthy and encourage our clients to invest in maintenance services, sometimes, tree felling is the only healthy and viable option.

At Cairns Tree Care, we are the tree felling experts for clients in Cairns and the surrounding areas.

While felling trees may seem bad, when done responsibly, it is good for the health of the environment. Here are some of the top reasons why sometimes it is important to fell trees –

  • To Keep Everyone Safe – Trees often become a potential danger to you, your family, and your home. Damage or disease can make trees brittle. For everyone’s safety, we remove these trees at risk.
  • Control Diseases & Pests – Diseased trees pose a threat to the environment and can spread to other types of trees. In such a situation, the most appropriate action is tree felling.
  • Unsuitable for Location – Tree roots can often impact a building’s foundation or its underground drainage system. When trees are too close to buildings, tree felling ensures getting rid of the problem.

Cairns Tree Care are experts in fast, safe and affordable tree felling services for homes and businesses in Cairns.

We provide personalised solutions tailored to your specific tree service needs.

Our qualified arborists will guide you through the entire tree felling process to ensure we perform the job right and keep you happy.

We follow a hassle-free and thorough tree-felling process –

  • When you reach out to us, we provide you with a no-obligation quote within 24 hours.
  • Our team will arrive at your location on time and with the right tools. Before starting the job, we perform a thorough assessment and safety check to ensure everyone is safe.
  • We create a strategy for felling depending on the condition of your tree. Then, we use our skills with rope or climb up if needed to lower branches.
  • Before cutting down the tree, we cut off the large branches and the top sections. It prevents any damage to the surroundings during the felling process.
  • Once the major branches are removed and only small twigs remain, we cut down the tree using a chainsaw or axe, depending on the size of the tree.
  • When we cut down a tree, we recommend having the stump removed as well to reduce any future problems. Combining these services is more economical than paying for each of them separately.
  • Our prices also include transportation and disposal of the green waste once the tree-felling process is completed.
  • We clean the entire area and ensure your yard is looking great.

Stump Removal Cairns

Many people suffer in silence due to tree stumps in their yards. Since they are the trickiest to get rid of, they are left to rot as getting them removed may seem like a lot of headaches.

DIY approaches need a lot of time, expense, and effort. Even hand chopping or drilling may leave you with some tree stump in the end if specialised equipment is not used.

If you have a problematic stump in your yard, do not allow it to linger in your yard for long.

Cairns Tree Care can remove the entire tree stump safely, quickly, and with the least impact on the surrounding environment. We are stump removal Cairns experts and can help clear your property of tricky obstacles with ease.

Some reasons why removing stumps and the attached root system from underneath is important –

  • Allowing New Landscaping – If you are considering making changes to your landscape, a stump can come in the way of the changes you may want to make. To add a new landscaping plan to your yard, removing the stump may be critical.
  • Help Other Plants and Trees Flourish – When left in the ground, stumps can grow roots that absorb nutrients from the ground. It prevents them from dying but still lives with pest infestation and uses resources meant for other plants in your yard that need it more than a dead tree.
  • Aesthetic Purpose – Stumps can be an eyesore and affect the beauty of your yard and the property. By allowing us to remove the stump, we can instantly help make your yard look appealing and beautiful.
  • Deter Pests from Making it Their Home – Stumps of dead trees attract pests like termites and rodents who can make it their home. You do not want to deal with this later on as the situation often gets worse. Thus, it is best to have the stumps removed.
  • Prevent Tree Root System from Causing Damage – The tree’s root system may be intact. It may be damaging any essential underground services connected to your house, such as the plumbing or the electrical system. Removing the stump and the roots will allow the repairman to access the damaged parts and prevent future damage easily.
  • Tripping Hazard – Tree stumps are a tripping hazard, especially if it is located in an area where you walk, or your kids play. Weeds and grass growing around it often make it difficult to see, increasing the chances of tripping over it. Removing dead stumps can help prevent accidents.

Cairns Tree Care provides safe and professional stump removal services in Cairns. Our skilled and knowledgeable arborists can help you regain control of your garden.

Once the tree stump is removed, the hole can be filled with soil or turf as you would like. Your home will not just look nicer, but other plants in your yard will also flourish.

Stump Grinding Cairns

Tree stumps left on the ground can prove to be hazardous. Whether it is for aesthetics or to remove tripping hazards from xyour yard, removing the stump is a must.

There are several different methods of stump removal, such as burning, chemical treatment, hand-digging, and others, but they can be time-intensive or labour-intensive and are not the safest approach.

Stump grinding as a stump removal method is less intensive, hassle-free, and cost-effective than stump removal using other methods.

Here, only the visible part of the stump is removed while the roots of the tree are still spread underground. These roots then decay on their own.

While it may be less expensive to do your stump grinding, experience and safety may support the use of a professional arborist.

Our arborists at Cairns Tree Care have access to the best equipment and have intensive training to shred the stump into woodchips. Here are some of the benefits of using us for stump grinding services –

  • Safety – Our team will secure the work area for the security of your family members, neighbours, and passersby.
  • Protection – Our thorough knowledge allows us to take all precautions to prevent any damage to your property.
  • Proficiency – Our team offers fast and efficient stump grinding services using power stump grinders.
  • Clean-Up – We collect and dispose of all debris from the work area while leaving your yard cleaner than it was before.

Stump grinders are moderately sized equipment that has a sharp blade and is powered by a powerful engine. This equipment is mounted on wheels connected to long handles. These handles allow the user to push the pull the machine and can be adjusted to any preferred height.

We have access to stump grinders that can access tight places as well.

Cairns Tree Care uses the latest grinding equipment with braked wheels that is capable of grinding deep enough to remove the roots and the surface roots.

It allows our arborists to have far better control when griding the stumps while moving them sideways. We use the right sized equipment depending on their cutting capacity, above and below the ground. We work by cutting down the wood and turning them into sawdust till the entire stump is gone.

The sawdust can be turned into mulch for your yard with many helpful qualities. It can improve the fertility of your soil, conserve soil moisture and also reduce the probability of weeds in your yard. Thus, the result of stump grinding services is no stump and no mess once the work is finished.

Depending on the size of the tree and the viability of the stump, you can choose to remove it entirely or have it grounded down to below-surface level. Our arborists will work with you to help decide what would be the best and safest option to get rid of the stump from your property.

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